Kidum Asakim - SEO Solution

In addition to such services as Search engine optimization (SEO) and sites’ promotion, the Kidumasakim company also suggests the advertising packet including both Google’s charged ads (AdWords) and context text advertisement on those sites, that belong to the net of Google context advertisement. Also this advertising packet includes text’s optimization for your site and html code’s optimization in accordance with search engines’ requirements. The last fact means that  in future  the  search traffic will be activated with necessary key words

The advantage of this advertising packet is the fact that viewers (potential clients who are interested in your goods or services) may be seen at site in several minutes after launching of the packet – this is a noticeable advantage comparing to the site’s promotion, that gives visible results only in a definite period of time (usually from 3 to 8 weeks).

This way of advertisement also gives  the following unique opportunities:
to decide if the key words for given project are chosen correctly
after making a list of the most important key words to analyze deeply if the key words are relevant from marketing point and to decide which project is rewarding for investments.

The professional level of Kidumasakim’s specialists allows to make deep marketing analysis and to achieve the best proportion of investments into  advertising campaign and increase of  potential clients’ visits, which results in increase of sales at the same time

How marketing analysis is conducted

First of all we collect data concerning the quantity of the viewers, who found the site due to retrieval requests they made, and this helps to define the basic group of key requests, which have mostly been used for the given project
Every key request from the basic group is analyzed in order to calculate how many times it was used in order to be of  benefit to business, which was the purpose of starting the given project
      3.  After that we eliminate  those requests, which gave us new users  who only viewed information, but didn’t contact us and didn’t use our services. So we make a final list of key requests, which will be used for business then.