How its work?

You may use direct advertisement in Google, so-called Google AdWords – it is not bad and quick way to achieve your goal and also check if the key words connecting to your business are chosen correctly, but this way (usage of  Google ads) has its disadvantages too. Using Google AdWords, you pay for clicks, not for shown results – though it’s a plus, but unfortunately your competitors may click too, accidentally or having such intentions, and make you pay a lot of money.

           When users  just look and compare prices and terms, they click useless for your business but these accidental clicks may take more than 60% from the whole budget, what is really bad. Another disadvantage is that methods, used for site's promotion, help to raise site’s rating not only in Google, but also promote it for another search engines such as .il and so on, at the same time, and that gives additionally 20% traffic.

At last you may find company, dealing with sites’ promotion, and employ  them on the promotion of the site of your company
It must be stated that the job of professionals will be rather expensive

There are some points you should pay your attention on when you choose a company for sites’ promotion – first of all on guarantees that company is ready to give you. Don’t forget that our purpose is to get the top position in accordance with the definite key words, related to your business. On the first page there are only 10 positions for natural search results, whereas  those who want to occupy them are more than several thousand

If you prefer to work with serious company, you should see if company is ready to have financial risks and responsibility for unsuccessful site promotion – it means that client should not pay, if getting of goal is failed, and also you should check if the company is ready to guarantee that only legal methods of SEO will be used. After that you need just to compare prices, terms of companies for sites’ promotion, suggested to you and to make the best choice.